Quality – Ryans family promise

Over the last four decades, our family-run business has expanded internationally, consistently providing quality, reliability, and value to our customers.

We create pleasant, healthy, and safe environments for our clients, just as we would for our families.

Why Choose Us

Expertise & Reliability

Our team is trained, insured, safe and environmentally aware. They apply this knowledge and experience to serve our customers in all they do

High Quality & Consistency

Harnessing the latest technology and industry-leading machinery we consistently deliver services of the highest quality in any conditions.


We believe in providing top-notch services at competitive prices, ensuring our clients receive great worth for their investment.


Environmental responsibility is at the core of our operations. Our commitment extends beyond our operations; we are eager to guide our clients in enhancing their sustainability practices.

The company upholds the highest international quality standards, including the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 20121 certifications.


How Technology Transforms Our Cleaning

Ryans Cleaning is setting new standards in the event cleaning industry by consistently integrating the latest environmentally conscious technology.

This forward-thinking approach not only enhances our efficiency but also significantly reduces our environmental footprint.

From chemical-free cleaning systems to cutting-edge autonomous cleaning robots, our clients enjoy all the advantages of high-tech cleaning solutions

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for the customer experience

For a greener tomorrow

We believe that cleaning and waste management strategies are pivotal for any company to achieve ambitious sustainability goals. We also believe that even large-scale events can thrive with minimal environmental impact.

That’s why, even at the biggest venues and festivals, we maintain a zero-waste-to-landfill policy, prioritising increased recycling rates.

Committed to sustainable practices, we consistently refine our cleaning and waste management solutions. We strive to exceed environmental standards while promoting recycling and waste reduction.

Ryans Cleaning is a member of
A Greener Future, an international organisation dedicated to advancing sustainability in the events sector.

Our partnership with Every Can Counts bolsters our environmental initiatives, specifically targeting the enhancement of drink can recycling across the UK and Ireland.


Celebrating Our Success: Awards and Recognitions


Ryans Cleaning, a family business founded 40 years ago in Thurles, Ireland, by Pat Ryan and his wife, Philomena, It has since grown into an international operation responsible for cleaning venues frequented by up to 10 million people annually.

The company’s success is deeply rooted in the values of commitment, care, and quality, mirroring the ethos upheld within the Ryan family home. These principles guide us to create pleasant, healthy, and safe environments for our clients, treating each venue as if it were our own.

The Ryan family has been integral to the business’s dynamic growth, with many members contributing through their work. Now, Pat’s daughter, Aisling, as CEO, has successfully steered the company through the challenges of the Covid pandemic, embarking on a new chapter in the family’s legacy of service excellence.


Embracing Our Roots, Empowering the Future

The story of Ryans Cleaning traces back to the Féile Music Festival, when the tight-knit community of Thurles created a unique event that resonated across the whole country. Decades on, our commitment to supporting our hometown continues to define our identity.


At Ryans Cleaning, every year we proudly sponsor various local initiatives and community events. We donate money to nationwide organisations fighting for important causes, such as the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation and Cancer Support Centre.

Our Hometown

From sponsoring the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Thurles to supporting the local GAA Club. We finance numerous initiatives, like revitalising public areas or creating community gardens. At various community events, we provide free-of-charge services.

Horse Racing

Horseracing is our family passion. We take special pride in contributing to the sport by providing excellent cleaning services and by sponsoring races. Join us for unforgettable moments of excitement!

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